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Buried Alive - Avenged Sevenfold (Metal Cover)

Tom Watson
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  • NeedsGuitar Acoustic
  • NeedsGuitar
  • NeedsBass Electric
  • NeedsKeys Synthesizer
  • NeedsVocals
Published on 11 Jun 2021 / In Metal / Heavy Metal

In September 2011, the band announced plans for a music video for this single. They tried to get Rob Zombie to direct the video, but he declined due to being focused on another project. The band did not announce any other plan for a music video for the song.
The single was released the September 20, 2011, although the lyric video for it had been already released on July 17, 2010, on the band's official YouTube channel. The lyric video has gotten 16.5 million views as of August 19, 2016. The "Buried Alive tour" (the promotion tour for Nightmare) takes its name from this song.
In 2014, a demo for the song leaked. The demo features The Rev on lead vocals and some different lyrics, as well as some breaks where M. Shadows sang in the original. The demo was probably an early version of the song written by The Rev solely, before M. Shadows finished it for Nightmare.

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LeilaStinne 2 months ago

Hey, Tom! Thanks for the invite but I've never heard this one. Sorry ^_^

Tom Watson
Tom Watson 2 months ago

It's okay. Thanks for letting me know Leila :)

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