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Ej pada pada Rosenka by M-Efekt (or Blue Effect) (Completed)

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LocProg Sandro
    Published on 24 Feb 2021 / In Rock / Prog/Progressive

    This song is like a prayer. Many years ago, around the early 80s, wandering around the flea markets of Caracas, I found myself buying the "Svitanie" LP of the Czechoslovakian group M-EFEKT (now Blue Effect, if they still exist). I didn't know them and had never heard of them. Although it was not that great I was attracted to the cover... Love at the "first ear"!!!

    Radim Hladík, the band's fantastic guitar player, died in December 2016 behind the scenes at the end of a gig. For some time he had been forced to go on stage attached to oxygen for a long lung disease.
    I'm sure guitarists who want to join me on this song will have a lot of fun playing it.

    For Vocalist: I found lyrics on the web, it can be found on the "Lyrics item". I'm sure it will be a fun challenge for you to sing in an "unusual" language. But don't be intimidated, no one will ever demand a perfect pronunciation... Come on and take it easy. It is really a great song!!!!

    R.I.P. Radim Hladík

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    Gino Caron
    Gino Caron 1 year ago

    Candy for my ears! lol

    Daniel Ramos (@dan00075)

    Hands down, one of (if not "the") best collabs on! Es definitivo! Una de las mejores colaboraciones, si no la mejor de todas, en!

    LocProg Sandro
    LocProg Sandro 2 years ago

    Gracias Daniel.!

    LocProg Sandro
    LocProg Sandro 2 years ago

    This one is really one of my favorites collabs!!!!! Every time I hear it I like it more....

    Bob 2 years ago

    One of mine too.

    TL James
    TL James 2 years ago

    great collab Folks

    puntostar 2 years ago

    Ho appena riascoltato il brano, questa domenica mattina. È sempre un'emozione.

    brian mcallister
    brian mcallister 2 years ago

    The Quality of Performance is Top Notch . We are fortunate to have Excellent Musicians on our Platform ////

    LocProg Sandro
    LocProg Sandro 2 years ago

    brianmcallister Thank you very much ! This song is like a prayer and we tried our best to pay tribute as it deserves.

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