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Fixed Bugs in recording

We made some changes to the recording processes.

Released some bug fixes. The past couple of months we went through the processes and identified where we lost true stereo as well as other problems.
1. After recording any 2 channel (left and right) tracks (mono unchecked) sent directly to studio was converted to 2 channel mono. The same sound on both left and right sides. This was a result from trying franticly to fix the sound only on one side problems we had when we first started the site. We finally got back to the issue and feel confident the problems have been rectified.
2. Another issue we had was with 1 channel mono files. Any 1 channel file-track, recorded. uploaded or imported, was ending up with sound only on one side in the published video. To fix the track you had to download the track, edit it to 2 channels and upload it. So now we have put in place a detection process for mono 1 channel and 2 channel stereo files and convert accordingly as tracks are recorded, uploaded or imported. Mono 1 channel files will be converted to 2 channel mono stereo files.
3. We also have updated the "Fix Mono" button on the wrench. The "Fix Mono" button will now detect if the track is 1 channel mono and convert it to 2 channels mono stereo. The button will be used to fix sound only on one side as well. If it is a 2 channel file it will convert the file so same sound is on both left and right sides (mono stereo).
4. On the published video we had a weird problem with left and right channels being switched. That problem has been addressed and fixed as well.
5. A surprisingly result of the changes in the recording to studio process, the volume and quality of sound is no longer degraded. This is especially noticed in DAW.
These changes are now installed - please report any issues.

Special Thanks to Daniel Ramos
 for testing and help with understanding where and how changes were needed. His continued dedication to the community is very much appreciated.

Comments 3

brian mcallister
brian mcallister 2 years ago
Well Done Daniel .
Jochen 3 years ago
The mono stereo problem is still annoying. Why don't stereo recordings work? Why is there no PAN control in the DAW?
cDub 3 years ago
Now DAW does not open. Also the Studio Main videos do not play and sounds like only the BT is playing.
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