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Our Second Rolling Stones collab contest

April 2024 contest - Best Collaboration of Rolling Stones songs created on Bandhug.

April 2024 Contest

Best Collaboration of Rolling Stones songs performed and recorded on Bandhug.

Starting 3-29-2024 we will have a contest for best collabs of songs by the group The Rolling Stones.

Collabs must be started 3-29-2024 or after and completed by 11:59 PM 4-30-2024

Collabs must have at least four separate users participate.

Participants must record on the site. No uploads

Participants must play an instrument or sing.

Collab must have "May 2024 Contest" in the title.

Collabs must be completed.

Completed collabs must be submitted by link to the face book group "Bandhug" by 4-30-2024

Backing tracks must be removed.

Same song can be entered by different participants.

Song that gets the most votes on the facebook group and views on the website wins.

Votes plus views

Prize is $350 Split between participants – Sponsored by Ralph Cooper former Drummer for the band Air Supply and Studio Musician

Winners will be announced by May 3rd

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